#019 Roddy Rich The Box

Roddy Rich The Box!

Everybody by now has heard of The Box by Roddy Rich. This song has been a billboard #1 hit for the past view weeks. However, it’s important that we take a step back to see how this song blew up. Songs, artists, and creators in the future will have to use similar strategies using social media. Another example of this recently in our society is “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X.

TikTok had a great hand in blowing up the song by Roddy Rich. The platform was the most used song clip in the app for about 2 weeks. Therefore, Roddy Rich has set the infrastructure of how to blow up in a technology obsessed age. Subsequently, it will be fascinating to see what ideas the glow up of The Box gives aspiring artists who are scrapping to get their music heard by the masses. Visit TikTok.com for more oddly observant clips, insights, and podcast highlights. Listen to Roddy Rich The Box on Spotify!

Leave a comment if there are any other songs or sounds you have seen blow up on TikTok. A key to being Oddly Observant is always analyzing trends within different mediums of technology. TikTok is just another way for artists like Roddy Rich to expand their reach for a very low cost. Who will be the next artists to become a hit star overnight right in front of our eyes?

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