#018 Underdog Athletics

In Podcast #018 Underdog Athletics joins the show! Underdog Athletics is a personal training community, sports organizer, and sports coaching facility in Garland Texas. Marcus Perkins and Anthony McGhee run the facility and are great stewards for the Garland Sports Community. In today’s episode Marcus and Anthony give some background on the founding of Underdog Athletics. After, they will give us an understanding of the future. Underdog Athletics takes pride in coaching sports year round. Consequently, Underdog Athletics cements the fundamentals of sports and life to the sports youth of Garland Texas. On a daily basis Underdog Athletics seeks to improve people’s lives through the lessons of sport and a family atmosphere. If you live in Garland and need a place to workout, push yourself, and grow, take a visit to the Underdog Athletics today! Located off of Shiloh in Garland, Texas. 

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