#020 Tesla, Elon Musk, Cyber Truck

Elon Musk led the Tesla Cyber Truck reveal about a month ago. To say it caught the media’s attention would be an understatement. […]

#019 Roddy Rich The Box

Everybody by now has heard of The Box by Roddy Rich. This song has been a billboard #1 hit for the past view […]

#018 Underdog Athletics

In Podcast #018 Underdog Athletics joins the show! Underdog Athletics is a personal training community, sports organizer, and sports coaching facility in Garland […]

#017 Spotify Wrapped & The Future of Media

Spotify recently sent out the 2019 Spotify Wrapped Review, and everyone has acted eagerly to share their stats to the world via social […]

#016 TikTok Announces Music Streaming App

TikTok just surpassed 1.5 billion downloads across the globe, and now they have announced plans to offer a music streaming application to rival […]

#015 Facebook Enters Music Streaming | Bluetooth 2.0 | Product Hunt Review

Facebook Enters Music Streaming through mysterious new company! Todays Episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast welcomes back Cameron Azeez, CEO of Tuner Inc […]