#018 Underdog Athletics

In Podcast #018 Underdog Athletics joins the show! Underdog Athletics is a personal training community, sports organizer, and sports coaching facility in Garland Texas. Marcus Perkins and Anthony McGhee run the facility and are great stewards for the Garland Sports Community. In today’s episode Marcus and Anthony give some background on the founding of Underdog Athletics. After, they will give us an understanding of the future. Underdog Athletics takes pride in coaching sports year round. Consequently, Underdog Athletics cements the fundamentals of sports and life to the sports youth of Garland Texas. On a daily basis Underdog Athletics seeks to improve people’s lives through the lessons of sport and a family atmosphere. If you live in Garland and need a place to workout, push yourself, and grow, take a visit to the Underdog Athletics today! Located off of Shiloh in Garland, Texas. 

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#017 Spotify Wrapped & The Future of Media

Spotify recently sent out the 2019 Spotify Wrapped Review, and everyone has acted eagerly to share their stats to the world via social media. The Spotify Wrapped also made playlists for you based on your listening habits in previous seasons and years. The buzz Spotify created with their investment into the Spotify Wrapped feature makes guest Cameron Azeez question the financial model of Legacy media and the conglomerates around it. The cost of entry to make high quality content is lower than ever. Subscribe to Oddly Observant! 

#016 TikTok Announces Music Streaming App

TikTok just surpassed 1.5 billion downloads across the globe, and now they have announced plans to offer a music streaming application to rival Apple Must, Spotify, Tencent Music, and Amazon. The TikTok app offers the company immense pools of song data on how pieces of content perform with certain background music. Bytedance, the parent company of TikTok, has already announced that this new music streaming app is going to pilot this year in India and across South East Asia. Shortly after this music streaming app will become available in the United States. There will be major competition for their application but TikTok/Bytedance believe that their technology focus and advanced algorithms will help them build the best platform available. 

facebook HQ

#015 Facebook Enters Music Streaming | Bluetooth 2.0 | Product Hunt Review

Facebook Enters Music Streaming through mysterious new company! Todays Episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast welcomes back Cameron Azeez, CEO of Tuner Inc and the Brassroots Music app. On Product Hunt (A social media for products, ideas, and projects), we found a very lowkey entry into the Music streaming world by Facebook. The company started a new off shoot company labeled the New Product Experimentation to tackle a revamp of the turntable.fm music streaming app from years ago. Subsequently, we took a dive into the thematic of collaborative music streaming as well as Brassroots place in the mix. New technologies such as Bluetooth 2.0, AirPods, and even 5G will make the bandwidth between people and their devices higher than ever previously imagined. Additionally, such hardware and software advancements make the environment ripe for innovation in the music streaming sector.

0:00-5:00 (Aux – NPE by Facebook)

5:30-7:40    (Why companies make smaller companies to innovate quickly)

7:50-8:30     (The purpose of Facebook making New Product Experiment team specifically

8:49- 9:30    (Difference between a social music streaming experience and a social media music experience)

9:38- 10:20    (TikTok’s Infrastructure/Their Success and Facebook copying TikTok with Lasso app)

10:43-11:20    (AirPods on Bluetooth allows you to listen to same song with friends)

11:20-12:10     (Bluetooth 2.0 and the future of Collaborative Music Hardware)

13:25- 14:08   (Why indirect competition can indicate excess Demand)

14:20-14:50    (Audience Idea generation / Product Hunt Podcast)

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#014 Music Streaming Has Changed World Forever

Music Streaming has changed the world forever; host Peter Shortino recaps the advent of music streaming and its democratizing nature. Companies like Spotify and Apple Music have laid the infrastructure to allow music from a wide variety of catalogs to be played on demand anywhere in the world. It wasn’t that long ago that we were burning CD’s and tuning into the radio for all our music desires; now we are the architect of our own musical world. Stay tuned through the end of the episode to find our where the music streaming Industry goes from here. #014 Music Streaming

#013 NBA Predictions

The start of the NBA Season is here! Stasi Harris joins the podcast to offer his preseason playoff predictions from both the Western & Eastern Conference. There has never been as much excitement for an NBA season as there has been this year, primarily due to all the Free agency movements in the league. These moves have created Dynamic Duos across the league, making almost every single game during the season entertaining to watch. Lebron James as usual as the most pressure of any player in the league on him, he needs to bring the LA Lakers back to the Playoffs in hopes of making a title run. Although the recent controversy of the NBA and China casted a dark cloud over the preseason, people are moving on and seem ready for their favorite teams to make a run at the NBA title. We will record another podcast at the All-star break to see how are predictions given in this episode are panning out at the half way point of the season.

#012 Dallas Cowboys | To Be or Not To Be Them Boyz

The Dallas Cowboys have had a rough past 3 weeks losing to NOLA, Green Bay, and the putrid New York Jets. On this episode Paul Santoyo joins Oddly Observant to analyze the past 3 games from the Cowboys, and offers some insights on how the Cowboys can escape the losing streak agains the Philadelphia Eagles. We dive into the debate of firing Jason Garret and what Garret has to do to keep his job for the rest of the season and beyond. The Dallas Cowboys’ QB Dakota Prescott is 1st in QBR; for the Cowboys to succeed the rest of the season Dak will have to get Zeke involved in the passing game. Paul brings up that the Dallas Cowboys are approaching the toughest part of their season having to still play New England, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Minnesota, and the Los Angeles Rams. The loss against the New York Jets is unacceptable for a team with as much talent on the roster as the Dallas Cowboys. Although the top two O-linemen were out, there is no excuse to lose to a winless team after losing two games straight. At the end of the episode we give our updated Super Bowl Predictions and the outlook for the rest of the Dallas Cowboys Season. Make sure to Subscribe to the Podcast if you haven’t already and follow Oddly Observant on instagram and Twitter!

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#011 Instagram is Taking Away Likes?!?!

Recently instagram has started to test taking away the viewable like counts under pictures posted on the platform in certain countries throughout the EU and Asia Pacific. This has profound effects on the monetization for influencers on these platforms, however, could offer a huge relief to some of the mental health downfalls that come from the engagement within the app including the likes. Aldo Gonzalez from Episode #004 of the podcast comes on to offer his insights on the issue as a programmer, and offers some of the possible resultant effects from taking away likes. You would still be able to see the amount of likes you got on your own posted picture, but others scrolling through the feed would not be able to. Facebook officially owns Instagram, and if you have been reading the news as of late, you would know that they are under political fire. Representatives from Congress have called upon Facebook to a national hearing to question the mental health effects of the company’s apps on the youth of America. The removing of likes could be just the beginning. Let us hear your feedback on the removal of likes @oddlyobservant0 on Twitter, Oddly Observant on Instagram, and on the Oddly Observant website.

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#010 Alchemy | Conspiring With the Universe to Impose Desire Into Reality

When you desire something enough, the universe conspires in its full force to manifest the desire into reality. Cameron Azeez from Episode #001 joins the Oddly Observant Podcast with host Peter Shortino to dive deeply into the themes presented by Paul Coelho and Malcolm Gladwell in the Alchemist and Outliers respectively. The hero’s journey is a process innate to the human experience, and theres no better example of this than Santiago’s journey in the Alchemist. In this story Santiago follows his desire to find hidden treasure a continent away that requires him to drop everything he has ever known for the ultimate unknowns. Everybody can relate to this journey, at times in your life you have to fully commit and take the leap into the unknown in hopes of transcending into your full self to see the ultimate edition of what you can become. In “Episode #010 Alchemy – Conspiring with the Universe to impose desire”, Cameron relates this journey including the large mental and physical hurdles to the creation of the Brassroots music app and how by pushing through he started the process of transcending to the best version of himself. We all hold the greatness of the universe within us, the real question is are we willing to reveal this greatness by pushing ourselves to our mental limits. Visit oddlyobservant.com to leave feedback on the episode. Follow @tunerweb on Instagram/Twitter as well as @oddlyobservant on insta/twitter! Find out more about Tuner Inc and the Brassroots music app at tunerinc.com/services and brassrootsapp.com. Thanks for tuning into Episode #010 Alchemy – Conspiring with the Universe to impose desire.

#009 NBA Gets Censored By China ?!?!?

In Episode #009, host Peter Shortino explains the recent controversy that resulted from the GM of the Houston Rockets comments on the Hong Kong Protests against the Chinese Communist Party. The NBA in an unprecedented move decided to defend the Chinese Communist Party  instead of one of their GM’s in lieu of short term profits.  This recent issue caught the attention of not only the country but the world and now all eyes are on America and how they will deal with this issue with YUGEEEE Trade Talks between the top United States and Chinese head officials. Trade talks will be happening throughout the end of the week, where the United States Government will be deciding to enact more tariffs or delay them further into the future.

The Chinese State media has blacked out any NBA games that take place in China and possibly may blacklist televised games that are played in the United States. This situation is constantly evolving and we should be more informed by the start of next week. Stay Oddly Observant and aware to the world around us that could inevitably effect you life in the short and long term. Episode #009 NBA Censored