#008 Shamarr Williams – Apple Keynote (Part 2)

Part 2 of the Oddly Observant Apple Keynote Review with Shamarr Williams. In this episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast Shamarr and host Peter Shortino go beyond the surface level product reviews from Part 1. Shamarr gives the specs on the whole line of products from the 2019 Apple Keynote. Additionally, he gives actionable advice when considering if any of the new products fit your lifestyle and budget. Next, we will discuss the beautiful new IOS 13 features which is available on every iPhone after the iPhone 6s. The new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Plus, and iPhone 11 Pro Max are $699, $999, and $1099 respectively. Many mobile carriers offer affordable rates on a 1-2 year plan for the new iPhones. Make sure to follow Oddly Observant on Twitter/Instagram! Visit oddlyobservant.com for the latest updates on the show!

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#007 Apple Keynote and iPhone 11 Review (Part 1)

Shamarr Williams joins Oddly Observant for a two-part episode to recap the 2019 Apple Keynote and demystify the products released. Shamarr’s vast tech and Apple specific knowledge allows us to briefly overview the top products and services released at the recent Apple Keynote.  The iPhone 11, iPad, and IOS 13 are just a couple of the features that we cover, along with some insights on the earliest leaks for the 2020 iPhone. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the episode where we go into depth on each product and try to rationalize the costs. Follow Shamarr Williams on Twitter @JustChill75 and on Instagram @shamwoah77.

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#006 Will Cotton – A Conversation on Education, Philosophy, and Psychology

Episode #006 features Will Cotton. Will Cotton is a Lambda School Team Lead with acute knowledge in mathematics and philosophy. Additionally, he is currently working towards becoming an expert Data Scientist and python developer. Although the education industry is changing quickly, Lambda School is here to offer an effective 21st century approach to education by utilizing the full abilities of the Internet. Consequently, Will walks us through Nietzsche’s and Nassim Taleb’s insights on the modern human individual and the resulting effects on society. Lastly, we attempt to tie together abstract ideas related to psychology, markets and the human experience. Tune into Episode #006 with Will Cotton and leave your feedback on the Oddly Observant website. Go follow the Oddly Observant Podcast on Twitter & Instagram!

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#005 NFL Playoff Predictions

NFL Playoff Predictions are here!! In Episode #005 NFL Playoff Predictions, host Peter Shortino and guest sports analyst Stasi Harris predict the division winners and the resulting Super Bowl Champion. Additionally, in a future episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast the Divisional and Super Bowl picks will be revisited. Consequently, they will be compared to ESPN’s top football analysts to see the success or failure of our predictions. Let us hear your predictions @oddlyobservant0 on Twitter and at oddlyobservant.com.

ESPN Playoff Predictions: https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/27348060/2019-nfl-predictions

#004 Aldo Gonzalez – Brassroots

Aldo Gonzalez is the Chief Technology Officer for Brassroots, a music streaming app coming soon to the app store. Aldo is a genius software developer that you may of heard on the previous episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast. Today on Episode #004 with Aldo Gonzalez, we talk about freedom, its importance in regards to the Internet, censorship, and much more. Aldo is motivated to connect the world and more importantly your friends via collaborative music. Along with being a software developer, Aldo is very knowledgeable of the competitive E-Sports world, especially with the Overwatch League.

Check out Aldo’s creation at Brassrootsapp.com!! Reach out to Aldo Gonzalez on LinkedIn if you have any questions about Brassroots or software development in general. Watch Aldo stream games like APEX Legends and Destiny and follow him on Mixer “iAlfadore”. Make sure to listen to our previous episode, https://oddlyobservant.com/episodes-oddly-observant/ , and leave some feedback! Episode #004 Aldo Gonzalez.

#003 Twitter CEO Hacked!! | If Jack Dorsey Can Get Hacked, You Can Too

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was hacked by a notorious hacking group; if he can get hacked anyone can. Consequently, we will learn how to take extra precautions in guarding your digital self. To clarify the technical aspects of today’s story, guest expert in computer programming & development, Aldo Gonzalez will be joining the Oddly Observant Podcast. Aldo walks through the technical aspects of the hack and raises some interesting points. Additionally, he offers a few innovative solutions to fix this problem into the future. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if a world leader’s Twitter was compromised. Consequently, it’s important to remain vigilant and practice caution when giving out your phone number to companies.

#002 – Stasi Harris

Stasi Harris is one of the foremost experts in Sports, Sports Analytics, and Strategy. In episode #002 – Stasi Harris offers modern insights on the interworking of the U.S Sports Scene as well as the U.S. College financial system. He gives us the latest insights on the Ezekiel Elliott saga, as well as some fantasy football tips for the upcoming season. Stasi’s background in data analytics allows for a qualitative and quantitative analysis on the NBA and NFL. Stasi will be a regular staple on this show so make sure you go follow him on Twitter @stasiharris. 

#001 Cameron Azeez – Tuner Inc.

Cameron Azeez is the CEO of Tuner Inc, creators of the Brassroots music streaming app. Cameron is fascinated with the opportunity technology offers to connect the world and more importantly your friends via collaborative music.

In addition to building the future of music streaming, Cameron and Tuner Inc “tunerinc.com/services” create websites for creatives, businesses, and individuals. Signup to be a Beta tester for the Brassroots app at brassrootsapp.com, and follow Cameron Azeez on Twitter @CameronAzeez. Additionally, Cameron can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn under “Cameron Azeez”.

#000 – Oddly Observant Introduction

Music that Moves, Booms

Music that moves the soul will inevitably boom within modern society. The plethora of choice nowadays due to music streaming can paradoxically make you feel like you are drowning in quality content with no where to begin. An ancient quality of music that stands the test of time is the ability for it to illicit self actualization for the listener.

Music that moves the individual soul will permeate throughout the collective human conscience with a limbic resonance that carries a new array of possibilities for the listeners. A decision tree of positive reenforcement falls over the listener time and time again as the song vibrates through the room, ensuring once again music that moves, booms!