#012 Dallas Cowboys | To Be or Not To Be Them Boyz

The Dallas Cowboys have had a rough past 3 weeks losing to NOLA, Green Bay, and the putrid New York Jets. On this episode Paul Santoyo joins Oddly Observant to analyze the past 3 games from the Cowboys, and offers some insights on how the Cowboys can escape the losing streak agains the Philadelphia Eagles. We dive into the debate of firing Jason Garret and what Garret has to do to keep his job for the rest of the season and beyond. The Dallas Cowboys’ QB Dakota Prescott is 1st in QBR; for the Cowboys to succeed the rest of the season Dak will have to get Zeke involved in the passing game. Paul brings up that the Dallas Cowboys are approaching the toughest part of their season having to still play New England, Chicago, Seattle, Philadelphia, Minnesota, and the Los Angeles Rams. The loss against the New York Jets is unacceptable for a team with as much talent on the roster as the Dallas Cowboys. Although the top two O-linemen were out, there is no excuse to lose to a winless team after losing two games straight. At the end of the episode we give our updated Super Bowl Predictions and the outlook for the rest of the Dallas Cowboys Season. Make sure to Subscribe to the Podcast if you haven’t already and follow Oddly Observant on instagram and Twitter!

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