SpaceX Launch Postponed

SpaceX Launch Postponed

The historic SpaceX launch with astronauts onboard will be postponed until Saturday afternoon due to last second inclement weather. Although, this is saddening to all that are excited to watch, better safe than sorry.

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Clouds came from West of Kennedy Space Center 15 minutes prior to launch. Every piece of data around the rocket is tracked prior to launch. Since millions of things must go right to get a rocket off the ground, it is quite common to see back-up launch dates be used.

Subsequently, with humans on board there is an increased caution to anomalies in weather and other things that could cause launch failure. This would have been the first launch of humans from American soil on an American rocket in a decade.

Updated Information For No Launch

Ten minutes prior to launch clouds formed from the West meanwhile natural lightning started to occur in a tropical storm within the Atlantic. First, during abort of the mission the team would be in massive trouble if they landed within a choppy storm in the Atlantic. Second, due to the nature of today’s launch (only one chance for take-off), the next opportunity will be Saturday.

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SpaceX Launch

SpaceX Rocket Launch

SpaceX Historic Rocket Launch

On Wednesday at 3:30 CT Elon Musk and SpaceX will be conducting a historic launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. Subsequently, the SpaceX rocket launch is historic because it will be carrying U.S. astronauts to the International Space Station. For the first time in decades there will be American Astronauts launched from American soil on an American rocket.

Additionally, the launch is the most important to date for SpaceX. They have never launched astronauts before, and to say the nerves are high at SpaceX would be an understatement.

The Time for Exploration is Now

Adventure and exploration are some of the most inspiring and productive processes in the human experience. The United States of America put humans on the moon 50 years ago, and since we have not returned. Regardless of past blights from our government, American Space Travel looks primed to inspire and offer practical use for citizens in the current decade.

Elon Musk has offered a much more inspiring future, where we as humans can be a multi-planetary species that is diversified against existential risk. We are just scratching the surface of what we are going to become as we become more intelligent as a species.

Oddly Observant View

Rocket launches are an inherently inspiring experience in person or through a screen. They inspire us to literally shoot for the stars within our own lives regardless of the astronomical odds. We should all take a moment tomorrow to look up at the sky and prepare for our entry into the new Space Age.

Space is the next frontier for us, and I don’t think we should avoid it. In our lifetimes we will be able to go to Space, feel free to link this post in 2050 if I was not Oddly Observant enough.

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