Oculus Quest VR

The Oculus Quest VR Headset is the most important device since the original iPhone. The Quest is a fully interactive entertainment and gaming VR system for discoverers of all ages.

The World Is Your Arcade

First, if you have never experienced an immersive VR experience I highly recommend trying it out. Your mind will be blown and ignite with possibilities of the future of collaboration, gaming, and business. Surprisingly, Oculus Quest brings Disney-level entertainment into a fully immersive VR environment within your living room.

With the Oculus Quest you can experience entertainment such as Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and other services in a customizable collaborative VR environment. Subsequently, the Quest allows you to play fully immersive games such as Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and Beat Saber.

The Oculus Quest is sold in two memory options 64GB and 128GB at $399 and $499 respectively. The Oculus Guardian system is designed to remember the boundaries of your play space and help you avoid nearby objects while in-game.

Best Oculus Quest Games

Top 5 Experiences on Oculus Quest

1. Be a Virtual Explorer

VR Oculus Quest Explorig

The Oculus Quest allows you to experience historic events in the comfort of your living room. Therefore, VR makes learning extremely fun, it is the future.

2. Watch TV, Video, and Apps with Friends

VR Oculus Quest with Friends

Connect in a virtual space with your friends. Lately, this has been one of the top use cases of the Oculus Quest since the outbreak of COVID-19.

3. Attend Live Sports Matches with Friends

VR Sports with Friends Oculus Quest

You can always have a front row seat at any sporting event in the world that supports Oculus Quest. Secondly, bring your friends and enjoy the match together!

4. Watch TV, Films, and Apps

Quest tv

Watch your favorite entertainment with your friends from anywhere in the world. The Oculus Quest comes with several pre-made environments to enjoy the latest entertainment luxuriously.

5. Destress In Any Customizable Environment

virtual environment

After a stressful day’s work, you could meditate or listen to music in any peaceful virtual environment you can imagine. Sometimes to get away all you need to do is turn on the Oculus Quest. Good one Zuckerberg.

Oddly Observant Future

Amazingly, the surface is only being scratched when it comes to immersive Virtual Reality for the common person. Therefore, much like the screens, internet, and social media have pervaded our world immersive VR will act no different. There is a very plausible future a decade away where we work, play, and discover within a virtual reality. I will let you formulate your own opinion on what our obsession with VR tells ourselves about simulation theory and our place within the construct. For now, just enjoy early VR with friends, we are at a technological turning point.

facebook HQ

#015 Facebook Enters Music Streaming | Bluetooth 2.0 | Product Hunt Review

Facebook Enters Music Streaming through mysterious new company! Todays Episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast welcomes back Cameron Azeez, CEO of Tuner Inc and the Brassroots Music app. On Product Hunt (A social media for products, ideas, and projects), we found a very lowkey entry into the Music streaming world by Facebook. The company started a new off shoot company labeled the New Product Experimentation to tackle a revamp of the turntable.fm music streaming app from years ago. Subsequently, we took a dive into the thematic of collaborative music streaming as well as Brassroots place in the mix. New technologies such as Bluetooth 2.0, AirPods, and even 5G will make the bandwidth between people and their devices higher than ever previously imagined. Additionally, such hardware and software advancements make the environment ripe for innovation in the music streaming sector.

0:00-5:00 (Aux – NPE by Facebook)

5:30-7:40    (Why companies make smaller companies to innovate quickly)

7:50-8:30     (The purpose of Facebook making New Product Experiment team specifically

8:49- 9:30    (Difference between a social music streaming experience and a social media music experience)

9:38- 10:20    (TikTok’s Infrastructure/Their Success and Facebook copying TikTok with Lasso app)

10:43-11:20    (AirPods on Bluetooth allows you to listen to same song with friends)

11:20-12:10     (Bluetooth 2.0 and the future of Collaborative Music Hardware)

13:25- 14:08   (Why indirect competition can indicate excess Demand)

14:20-14:50    (Audience Idea generation / Product Hunt Podcast)

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#011 Instagram is Taking Away Likes?!?!

Recently instagram has started to test taking away the viewable like counts under pictures posted on the platform in certain countries throughout the EU and Asia Pacific. This has profound effects on the monetization for influencers on these platforms, however, could offer a huge relief to some of the mental health downfalls that come from the engagement within the app including the likes. Aldo Gonzalez from Episode #004 of the podcast comes on to offer his insights on the issue as a programmer, and offers some of the possible resultant effects from taking away likes. You would still be able to see the amount of likes you got on your own posted picture, but others scrolling through the feed would not be able to. Facebook officially owns Instagram, and if you have been reading the news as of late, you would know that they are under political fire. Representatives from Congress have called upon Facebook to a national hearing to question the mental health effects of the company’s apps on the youth of America. The removing of likes could be just the beginning. Let us hear your feedback on the removal of likes @oddlyobservant0 on Twitter, Oddly Observant on Instagram, and on the Oddly Observant website.

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