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Audio Tweets on Twitter Are Here!

On June 17th Jack Dorsey broke the news that audio tweets on Twitter are now available to be submitted via voice. This is not the typical speech to text you may find in your messaging app. This type of tweet will include the raw audio, literally projecting your voice to millions of followers.

Users will be able to record up to 140 seconds of audio clips and interact with anyone globally. This feature is one of the best additions by twitter in a while, the platform is truly trying to become a public square. 

Subsequently, you’ll see a new waveform icon beside the camera icon when composing a tweet. Tap that, and a red record button appears at the bottom of the screen, which you can tap to start recording your message.

Lastly, the use of audio tweets on Twitter by podcasters will result in huge influxes of fans and engagement. Additionally, audio tweets will alter how political candidates, creators, and tweeters gather an audience. Audio tweets will offer a lot of new challenges for twitter as a publicly traded American based Company. 

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Oddly Observant Long-Term View

Twitter has long lacked intriguing features to keep users engaged. Their previous release of allowing control of who is able to respond to you was not received all that well. However, Twitter is on fire right now with people talking about this new feature.

I have not felt this level of buzz on Twitter around a democratizing feature ever before. I am truly excited to see how big an impact audio tweets will have on creators, businesses, and the world.

The Oddly Observant long-term view is that Twitter begins offering features to their creators, brands, and business that allow for direct monetization and community building. Stay aware and Oddly Observant for new Twitter features on the way!

#003 Twitter CEO Hacked!! | If Jack Dorsey Can Get Hacked, You Can Too

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, was hacked by a notorious hacking group; if he can get hacked anyone can. Consequently, we will learn how to take extra precautions in guarding your digital self. To clarify the technical aspects of today’s story, guest expert in computer programming & development, Aldo Gonzalez will be joining the Oddly Observant Podcast. Aldo walks through the technical aspects of the hack and raises some interesting points. Additionally, he offers a few innovative solutions to fix this problem into the future. Imagine the chaos that could ensue if a world leader’s Twitter was compromised. Consequently, it’s important to remain vigilant and practice caution when giving out your phone number to companies.