#009 NBA Gets Censored By China ?!?!?

In Episode #009, host Peter Shortino explains the recent controversy that resulted from the GM of the Houston Rockets comments on the Hong Kong Protests against the Chinese Communist Party. The NBA in an unprecedented move decided to defend the Chinese Communist Party  instead of one of their GM’s in lieu of short term profits.  This recent issue caught the attention of not only the country but the world and now all eyes are on America and how they will deal with this issue with YUGEEEE Trade Talks between the top United States and Chinese head officials. Trade talks will be happening throughout the end of the week, where the United States Government will be deciding to enact more tariffs or delay them further into the future.

The Chinese State media has blacked out any NBA games that take place in China and possibly may blacklist televised games that are played in the United States. This situation is constantly evolving and we should be more informed by the start of next week. Stay Oddly Observant and aware to the world around us that could inevitably effect you life in the short and long term. Episode #009 NBA Censored

#004 Aldo Gonzalez – Brassroots

Aldo Gonzalez is the Chief Technology Officer for Brassroots, a music streaming app coming soon to the app store. Aldo is a genius software developer that you may of heard on the previous episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast. Today on Episode #004 with Aldo Gonzalez, we talk about freedom, its importance in regards to the Internet, censorship, and much more. Aldo is motivated to connect the world and more importantly your friends via collaborative music. Along with being a software developer, Aldo is very knowledgeable of the competitive E-Sports world, especially with the Overwatch League.

Check out Aldo’s creation at Brassrootsapp.com!! Reach out to Aldo Gonzalez on LinkedIn if you have any questions about Brassroots or software development in general. Watch Aldo stream games like APEX Legends and Destiny and follow him on Mixer “iAlfadore”. Make sure to listen to our previous episode, https://oddlyobservant.com/episodes-oddly-observant/ , and leave some feedback! Episode #004 Aldo Gonzalez.