#011 Instagram is Taking Away Likes?!?!

Recently instagram has started to test taking away the viewable like counts under pictures posted on the platform in certain countries throughout the EU and Asia Pacific. This has profound effects on the monetization for influencers on these platforms, however, could offer a huge relief to some of the mental health downfalls that come from the engagement within the app including the likes. Aldo Gonzalez from Episode #004 of the podcast comes on to offer his insights on the issue as a programmer, and offers some of the possible resultant effects from taking away likes. You would still be able to see the amount of likes you got on your own posted picture, but others scrolling through the feed would not be able to. Facebook officially owns Instagram, and if you have been reading the news as of late, you would know that they are under political fire. Representatives from Congress have called upon Facebook to a national hearing to question the mental health effects of the company’s apps on the youth of America. The removing of likes could be just the beginning. Let us hear your feedback on the removal of likes @oddlyobservant0 on Twitter, Oddly Observant on Instagram, and on the Oddly Observant website.

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