#010 Alchemy | Conspiring With the Universe to Impose Desire Into Reality

When you desire something enough, the universe conspires in its full force to manifest the desire into reality. Cameron Azeez from Episode #001 joins the Oddly Observant Podcast with host Peter Shortino to dive deeply into the themes presented by Paul Coelho and Malcolm Gladwell in the Alchemist and Outliers respectively. The hero’s journey is a process innate to the human experience, and theres no better example of this than Santiago’s journey in the Alchemist. In this story Santiago follows his desire to find hidden treasure a continent away that requires him to drop everything he has ever known for the ultimate unknowns. Everybody can relate to this journey, at times in your life you have to fully commit and take the leap into the unknown in hopes of transcending into your full self to see the ultimate edition of what you can become. In “Episode #010 Alchemy – Conspiring with the Universe to impose desire”, Cameron relates this journey including the large mental and physical hurdles to the creation of the Brassroots music app and how by pushing through he started the process of transcending to the best version of himself. We all hold the greatness of the universe within us, the real question is are we willing to reveal this greatness by pushing ourselves to our mental limits. Visit oddlyobservant.com to leave feedback on the episode. Follow @tunerweb on Instagram/Twitter as well as @oddlyobservant on insta/twitter! Find out more about Tuner Inc and the Brassroots music app at tunerinc.com/services and brassrootsapp.com. Thanks for tuning into Episode #010 Alchemy – Conspiring with the Universe to impose desire.