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#015 Facebook Enters Music Streaming | Bluetooth 2.0 | Product Hunt Review

Facebook Enters Music Streaming through mysterious new company! Todays Episode of the Oddly Observant Podcast welcomes back Cameron Azeez, CEO of Tuner Inc and the Brassroots Music app. On Product Hunt (A social media for products, ideas, and projects), we found a very lowkey entry into the Music streaming world by Facebook. The company started a new off shoot company labeled the New Product Experimentation to tackle a revamp of the turntable.fm music streaming app from years ago. Subsequently, we took a dive into the thematic of collaborative music streaming as well as Brassroots place in the mix. New technologies such as Bluetooth 2.0, AirPods, and even 5G will make the bandwidth between people and their devices higher than ever previously imagined. Additionally, such hardware and software advancements make the environment ripe for innovation in the music streaming sector.

0:00-5:00 (Aux – NPE by Facebook)

5:30-7:40    (Why companies make smaller companies to innovate quickly)

7:50-8:30     (The purpose of Facebook making New Product Experiment team specifically

8:49- 9:30    (Difference between a social music streaming experience and a social media music experience)

9:38- 10:20    (TikTok’s Infrastructure/Their Success and Facebook copying TikTok with Lasso app)

10:43-11:20    (AirPods on Bluetooth allows you to listen to same song with friends)

11:20-12:10     (Bluetooth 2.0 and the future of Collaborative Music Hardware)

13:25- 14:08   (Why indirect competition can indicate excess Demand)

14:20-14:50    (Audience Idea generation / Product Hunt Podcast)

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