#014 Music Streaming Changed the World

In this short addition to the Oddly Observant Podcast, host Peter Shortino recaps the advent of music streaming and its democratizing nature. Companies like Spotify and Apple Music have laid the infrastructure to allow music from a wide variety of catalogs to be played on demand anywhere in the world. It wasn’t that long ago that we were burning CD’s and tuning into the radio for all our music desires; now we are the architect of our own musical world. Stay tuned through the end of the episode to find our where the music streaming Industry goes from here. 


#013 NBA Playoff Predictions

The start of the NBA Season is here! Stasi Harris joins the podcast to offer his preseason playoff predictions from both the Western & Eastern Conference. There has never been as much excitement for an NBA season as there has been this year, primarily due to all the Free agency movements in the league. These moves have created Dynamic Duos across the league, making almost every single game during the season entertaining to watch. Lebron James as usual as the most pressure of any player in the league on him, he needs to bring the LA Lakers back to the Playoffs in hopes of making a title run. Although the recent controversy of the NBA and China casted a dark cloud over the preseason, people are moving on and seem ready for their favorite teams to make a run at the NBA title. We will record another podcast at the All-star break to see how are predictions given in this episode are panning out at the half way point of the season.